Volpini was established in a small town in Sicily, land of flavors and of time-honored culinary traditions.

Cooking has always been inherent to the Italian way of life; it is part of our culture.
One of the main characteristics of our cooking, besides its quality, is its variety, with countless local traditions.

Our product lines encompass everything that makes an Italian dish recognizable and unique; all the art still possible of conserving products using traditional methods, from one season to another, and in this way creating new flavors and aromas: not mere surrogates of fresh foods but foods and delicacies that evoke them with their own splendor.

Every product in the Volpini line is the result of a natural process, from the sowing to the harvest and the recipe brought to the table. We boldly define our product as the spark, the zing combined with sophistication and delicacy which stand for the glory of authentic, unique Italian cuisine.


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